Vettakorumakan is the son of Kirata Siva and Parvati. Vettakorumakan  was traditionally considered the ‘kaaranavar’ (eldest counsel to the Mana) in addition to being a temple deity.

Since olden times, all-important decisions regarding the Mana and its residents were based solely on Lord Vettakorumakan’s blessings. Every day pujas are offered to Bhagavan and Rudrabhishekam is the special puja for vettakorumakan. Once in twelve years ‘ Pantirayiram puja ‘ ( offering of twelve thousand cocount ) is conducted in a festive manner .Last Pantirayiram was on May 12’th 2016.The ancient idol was re-consecrated in the newly built temple within the Mana’s temple complex. The erstwhile temple has been converted into a Satsaìg Hall that features a most vivid and ornate mural of Ädi Sankara, Parama Püjya Swami Tapovanam and Püjya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda.