Preservation of Lord Ayyappa Temple

Chinmaya Swayambhu Ayyappa Temple endeavour is in continued efforts to save ancient temples and Hindu traditions. The next big project is the restoration of the Lord Ayyappa Temple. This temple belonged to the Melpazhur Namboodri family (maternal home of Adi Sankararchaya). This centuries old temple has not been restored for just over a decade and our aim is to reinforce the existing structure and provide the temple with a fresh lease of life to guarantee its long existence for generations to come. The project will entail repair / removing tiles individually to clean and place back into position, to polish all wooden teak carvings, seal any damaged or chipped wood, repolish the tiles and restore it to its original glory. This project requires a team who are highly skilled in structural preservation of historical buildings especially persons who are experts in wooden structures. The estimated cost of the project is between 10-15 lakh rupees.

Other long term projects are to promote, encourage research in religious activities and detailed studies of ancient Indian philosophies, culture, and to publish and sell religious / philosophy books, pamphlets, brochures and the like relating to religious objects and activities. To do this, we will have to establish a design and publications department to compile and publish these materials. In the future we aim to construct dharamshala or accommodation facilities for the conveniences of pilgrims to stay. With all contributions received we will do all necessary acts and deeds for the spiritual upliftment and unity of the society.

Preservation of Lord Ayyappa Temple

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