Lord Ayyappa is the main deity in the centuries-old temple complex of Melpaazhur Mana. The idol of Lord Ayyappa is swayambhu (born on its own out of the earth)The Legend goes that a ‘tampuraatti’ (elderly Nampütiri lady) who was an ardent devotee of the Lord used to walk two kilometres to the Ayyappankudam temple at Vadayaaparambu every day to worship the Lord. When she became old and was unable to walk to the temple, she became inconsolable. She could not bear this separation from the Lord. The Lord manifested as swayambhu in the Mana’s backyard in answer to the tampuraatti’s prayers. That svayambhu stone thus became the main idol of Lord Ayyappa around which a temple was later built. Today, it is known as the Ayyappan-kudam temple of Melpaazhur—The old temple at Vadayaaparambu no longer exists There is a Alankara Bimba(Idol for decoration) too inside the Sanctum in the standing position