Gurudev’s Shrine

As a befitting tribute to the omnipresent guiding presence of Püjya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda there is a holy shrine built in the vicinity of the temple complex. This is used as a meditation hall as well as a venue for paduka püjä, vidyärambha and upanayana functions and other private prayers. jayanti (birthday) of Püjya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda, as per the Indian calendar, falls on Püyam nakshatra in the month of Meña (corresponding to April-May of the Western calendar) and is celebrated every year. A kalasa puja  is offered using copper and earthen pots. A group of priests, perform this traditional Vedic püjä and thereafter pour the consecrated waters on all the idols in the complex,amid conch calls, chanting of hymns, and the play of traditional musical instruments. The ceremonies are celebrated with great pomp, festivity and feasting.