Sarpa-kävus , a special place for the Näga Devatä’s is a unique feature of Kerala. Sri Nagayakshi, Mother Goddess of all Nägas along with Nägaräja and Añöanägas reside in the Sarpa-kävu of this ancient Mana.
The Mana was host to several sarpa-kaav (small altars for serpants). Naaga-pujas were performed in these kaav. A Naagayakshi temple was also built in the Mana. The idol of the goddess in the sanctum is unique for its exquisite carvings which have deep symbolic meanings. Its believed that the idol is still growing.Everyday puja is performed for the Nagayaksh- the mother of nagas. An elaborate puja, called ‘Sarpa-Bali’, is offered once a year on Nagapancami day to please Naagayakshi Devi and Naagaraaja Deva.A Mandala for Nagas is drawn and milk and Nivedyam are offered to the serpent deities. Every month on Ayilyam ( Aslesha) star , elaborate pujas are offered to Sri Nagaraja and Vasuki.