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Chinmaya Swayambhu Ayyappa Temple

Adi Sankara Nilayam is a hallowed place, the maternal birth home of the great saint, Adi Sankara. This centuries old sacred dwelling houses some precious temples from an era gone by. These temples were worshipped by Sri Sankara and his mother, Aryamba. The pond adjacent to the temple compound adds immense beauty to the serene surroundings and artistic structures. Adi Sankara Nilayam houses the ancient shrines of Ayyapa, Rama, Krishna, Ganesha, Vettakkorumakan (Kirata-Shiva) and Goddesses Nagayaksi and Bhagavati. It is indeed amazing to note that all these deities chose this premise to bless it with their divine presence.



Idam shareeram kaunteya kshetramityabhidheeyate etadyo vetti tam praahuh kshetrajna iti tadvidah.


उत्सवप्रियो हि मनुष्यः An event to connect the people around to spread love, faith, sense of respect and duty and to celebrate peacefully with emotions and beliefs.


Rituals and prayers performed to celebrate an event.

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Sacred place with centuries old shrines of dieties worshipped by the Sri Sankaracharya and his mother Aryamba.

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