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Adi Sankara Nilayam

Adi Sankara Nilayam is a hallowed place, the maternal birth home of the great saint, Adi Sankara. This centuries old sacred dwelling houses some precious temples from an era gone by. These temples were worshipped by Sri Sankara and his mother, Aryamba. The pond adjacent to the temple compound adds immense beauty to the serene surroundings and artistic structures. Adi Sankara Nilayam houses the ancient shrines of Ayyapa, Rama, Krishna, Ganesha, Vettakkorumakan (Kirata-Shiva) and Goddesses Nagayaksi and Bhagavati. It is indeed amazing to note that all these deities chose this premise to bless it with their divine presence.



Lord Ayyappa is the main deity in the centuries-old temple complex of Melpaazhur Mana. The idol of Lord Ayyappa is svayambhu (born on its own out of the earth).The Legend goes that a 'tampuraatti' (elderly Nampütiri lady) who was an ardent devotee of the Lord used to walk two kilometres to the Ayyappankudam temple...

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Adi Shankara (pronouncedearly 8th century was a philosopher and theologian from India who consolidated the doctrine of Advaita Vedanta. He is credited with unifying and establishing the main currents of thought in Hinduism. ...

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The most auspicious form of Kannadi (a mirror carved in stone) represent Devi Bhuvaneswari.TheKalpataru –wish fulfilling tree.The Divine Mother resides in this Temple to bless...

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As a befitting tribute to the omnipresent guiding presence of Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda there is a holy shrine built in the vicinity of the temple complex...

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In the north-western corner of the Ayyappa temple was a Bhagavati-tara (small seat on the bare earth). In accordance with astrological readings it was recomended that for the welfare of the Mana...

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Temple The Mana was host to several sarpa-kaavus (small altars for serpants). Naaga-pujas were performed in these kaavus, but in due course, it was difficult to protect the kaavus. Thus, a Devi Naagayakshi temple was built in the Mana so that worship could continue...

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Vettakorumakan is the son of Kirata Siva and Parvati. Vettakorumakan  was traditionally considered the 'kaaranavar' (eldest counsel to the Mana) in addition to being...

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A very auspicious feature, core tothe Temple Complex, is the Ganesha Temple, whose pratishtha (installation) was done around the same time that the Ayyappa Temple was...

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An age-old, dilapidated Sri Krishna temple was once situated on a hillock on the northern side of the Mana's temple complex. A broken Krishna idol was worshipped...

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A Sri Rama temple once existed in Ponmaanaadi, a nearby village under the Melpaazhur Mana umbrella. 'Ponmaan' means 'golden deer' and 'aadi' means 'danced'...

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